The Issue

A recent unfair State Supreme Court decision overruled Washington’s voter-approved public charter school law and is threatening to shut down local public schools that serve more than 1,100 students. Only Washington’s state legislators have the power to keep them open.

Washington’s public charter schools are helping close our state’s education equity gap. They are a vital part of Washington’s public schools, providing a high-quality education lifeline for many families, particularly families from underserved communities of color and families struggling with poverty. 70 percent of the state’s public charter school students are of color and two-thirds qualify for free or reduced school lunch.

In a short time, Washington’s public charter schools are already making a difference by adding to the public school options available to families. They offer flexible and innovative approaches to learning that are specially tailored to the needs of the diverse students public charter schools serve.

Shutting public charter schools down, just as their inspiring work is getting started, would be a devastating set back for 1,100 students, their families and communities, and public education in our state.