Washington legislators have the power to fix the mess the court created. Our public charter schools are already making a difference for students, with early results showing remarkable progress in math and reading. We can’t let legislators erase what the voters approved.

When the voters of Washington passed the 2012 initiative to create 40 public charter schools, they weren’t agreeing to a one year plan. That would make absolutely no sense. And yet we’re still hearing of an anemic “fix” from some members in the state’s legislature.

But you can’t run a school or state one year at a time. And a one-year plan would effectively shut down all public charter schools throughout the state. It’s not a fix, it’s an eviction notice. And that’s not what the voters agreed to.

Senate Bill 6194 is a bipartisan effort to keep our public charter schools funded and open. It would use funds from the state lottery, without changing the amount of money taxpayers or the state pays for each student. We’re asking that the state legislature simply do what the voters asked for — fix this mess and let public charter schools and their students thrive.

Representatives need to do justice to the ballot measure approved by Washington voters:

1. Fully fund approved public charter schools statewide

2. Allow for up to 40 public charter schools over 5 years

3. Give all students and parents access (Maintain the voter approved statewide authorization plan)

Washington voters already said yes to this. Our elected leaders are supposed to represent the people. That’s all we’re asking.

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