Jessica Garcia: A five Year Struggle

“This has been a 5 year struggle,” Jessica Garcia said when asked about why she wants the State Legislature to fund Washington Charter Schools. “My son had a great deal of difficulty throughout his time in school. He was bullied relentlessly to the point where he had broken teeth, a busted nose and a hairline fracture in his cheekbone. He never reported the attacks because he didn’t know he could. He needed to be in a place where he was getting better attention and that place was not our local school. Some kids can thrive in many schools. Not mine.”

Jessica-Garcia-editJessica wanted a better education for her younger child, but uprooting her family to another school district was not a viable solution. The best option for Jessica’s daughter, Isadora, was to sign over educational guardianship to get her into a different district, but she struggled with the implications.

“Signing over guardianship, in any form, is not something any parent would ever wish to do. It’s heart wrenching as a parent, you feel like a true failure. But our local district middle school option is not, in our eyes, a desirable choice. Honestly, could it even be considered a choice if forced upon you?”

So when the appropriately named Destiny School opened, Jessica’s daughter was already on the list. She was there ready and waiting. Isadora is having the time of her life, loving her classes, her teachers, and her friends. She doesn’t want to be uprooted and her parents don’t want to sign over her guardianship. But unless the State Legislature does something, she may have no other choice.

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