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Kids win!

Gov. Jay Inslee’s office announced today that SB 6194 will pass into law without his signature—meaning you did it! After months of phone calls, rallies, emails and advocacy, our state leaders have heard your voices. Public charter schools in Washington state will not only stay open, but remain an option for all families across the Continue reading

Fact check: SB 6194 is constitutional

Two weeks ago, a bipartisan group of lawmakers studied, vetted, and passed a viable plan to keep public charter schools funded and open. Legal experts from both sides of the aisle, including non-partisan staff attorneys, combed through SB 6194 word-by-word to make sure it would pass constitutional muster. Here’s what they say: SB 6194 addresses Continue reading

Students and Parents Return to Olympia

Students and parents from Washington’s public charter schools traveled from Seattle and Tacoma to Olympia on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to support legislation to keep their innovative schools open and serving diverse communities. A bipartisan group of state senators, led by Steve Litzow (R – Mercer Island) and Mark Mullet (D – Issaquah), introduced Continue reading

State Supreme Court Ruling

On the same day that hundreds of students rallied at the Capitol to fight for their schools, the State Supreme Court upheld its ruling. Washington Charters issued the following statement regarding the November 19th ruling against Washington Charter Public Schools: [The Ruling is] disrespectful to Washington’s voters, who collectively supported the ballot initiative that allowed our Continue reading

Day of Action

Early in the morning on Thursday, November 19th, students from all over the state gathered at their respective schools and boarded buses bound for Olympia. Each student had one thing in mind: Will my school be shut down? After the state Supreme Court’s ruling on September 4th, 1,100 of Washington’s children have been living in a Continue reading

A Visit to Summit Sierra School

Getting Smart has a new post about the unique learning experiences at Summit Public Schools. Students travel great distances to be able to benefit from the Schools’ innovative approach and collaborate with follow students on robust projects. Here is a short excerpt: Summit Public Schools provides a mix of personalized playlists and skills’ based projects that Continue reading