Your voice can be heard

Don’t think your voice can be heard? Think again.

Shirline Wilson, who has a son attending the public charter school Rainier Prep, has been an absolute champion in the fight to assure the future education of WA students. Recently, Shirline took to Twitter to ask the Washington State legislature to honor the will of voters and keep WA’s public charter schools open. Appointed representative @NoelFrame took it upon herself to dispute Shirline and defend shutting schools down. This is what happens when a parent—and someone who knows what she’s talking about—uses her voice:


Thank you, Shirline. You didn’t back down. We need more people to step up and make this fight public, especially with our legislators.

Here are a few tweets you can use to start your own conversation:

#WAleg, public charter schools are already transforming students’ lives. Don’t turn back the clock on success. #Act4WAstudents 

WA voters made their voices clear. We want public charter schools. #Act4WAstudents

#WAleg, don’t erase the will of the voters. #Act4WAstudents and support public charter schools.

#WAleg, the choice is clear: Keep great public charter schools open or shut the door on students’ success. #Act4WAstudents

And if you run into others who are misinformed about WA’s public charter schools you can give them the facts here: