The Solution We’re Looking For

This week, State Senators Steve Litzow (R), Mark Mullet (D), Joe Fain (R) and Steve Hobbs (D) listened to thousands of Washington Families and put forth a bipartisan bill (SB 6194) that will keep Washington’s public charter students in their schools.

Their proposal respects the will of the voters who have, since 2012, demanded more choice in education through the creation of public charter schools in Washington State. Litzow’s bill would draw on lottery funds to close a budget gap created by the State Supreme Court and keep our public charter students in class and on track.

Importantly, it gives families access to innovative, tuition-free, public school choices in every school district, not just some.

When the State Supreme Court cut off public charter funding, parents, teachers, students and activists came together to lead this movement to keep local schools open. Our mission is to find a legislative solution to a legal overreach and it looks like we’re right on track.

A lot can happen between now and the end of the legislative session, and public charter students will keep making their voices heard until the future of their schools are secure. In just a few months, public charter schools are making a real difference in the lives of the diverse communities they serve. Our job now is to work to get a good solution passed and in place as quickly as possible.