State Supreme Court Ruling

On the same day that hundreds of students rallied at the Capitol to fight for their schools, the State Supreme Court upheld its ruling.

Washington Charters issued the following statement regarding the November 19th ruling against Washington Charter Public Schools:

[The Ruling is] disrespectful to Washington’s voters, who collectively supported the ballot initiative that allowed our state’s public charter schools to open. Not only has the Court relied on an antique and dated constitutional framework to reach its decision, but the implications of this decision are sweeping and could impact students attending tribal compact schools, Running Start, and other important public educational programs as well.

Fittingly, today’s decision comes as more than 400 students and parents from Washington’s public charter schools are headed home from a day of action in Olympia urging legislators on both sides of the aisle to fix the glitch that allowed the Court to rule against the more than 1,100 kids currently enrolled in charter schools and potentially many more attending other public school programs.

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