A Visit to Summit Sierra School

Getting Smart has a new post about the unique learning experiences at Summit Public Schools. Students travel great distances to be able to benefit from the Schools’ innovative approach and collaborate with follow students on robust projects.


Here is a short excerpt:

Summit Public Schools provides a mix of personalized playlists and skills’ based projects that support student learning and engagement.

I recently visited one of two new Summit schools in Washington state. Located in Seattle’s International District, Summit Sierra School has a current enrollment of 109 9th grade students with the goal of scaling an additional grade each year to form a 9-12 school. The students come from all over the region. One student I spoke to drove 45 minutes to come to the school and another takes a ferry from a neighboring island. Each student has a personalized learning plan, that includes content and skills work, with curriculum designed and tested by all Summit teachers, collaborating across the Summit Public Schools network.

At Summit Sierra, I observed core content classes where students were working on devices and in groups on various projects and content related work, all tied to a student’s individual personalized learning plan. In a history course, students were working on a Revolutions Essay in groups, where each student chose their own revolution to research based on interest, and were working in groups broken up by the skill they were working on: claim, collecting evidence, or analysis.

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